There are some marketing campaigns you plan for months, spend a bomb on hiring the best people, do years of market research and then there are some accidental hits (No, not talking about Justin Beiber).

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We are talking about Cherry Orchard, a Kolkata Fashion Brand. Looks like the graphic designer they hired really hated them but they had no clue. Check the logo for yourself.

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What do you see here? Unless you are Alok Nath or Theon Greyjoy you'd see what these people saw. 

Yes, that. Scroll up and take a look again if you missed it because of the sanskar overdose.

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The Internet is a brutal place, things like these cannot go past without causing a stir. Well, this page got its immense fame almost overnight, all thanks to the hugely popular meme pages worldwide.

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Source: Facebook

Okay, guys relax, so what if they fucked up? You don't have to be a 'Cherry Orchard Logo' to Cherry Orchard.