There's something about Dubai and rich people. Everytime you think that those guys have come up with the craziest use of their abundant money, they come up with something crazier. 

Source: ViajarNews

Now get this: An Indian businessman in Dubai, just spent about $9 million for a license plate on his car. Yes, not the whole car. That's ₹60 crores for just the number plate. 

And even though he's going to use it on his Rolls Royce, we don't know for sure if the car is as expensive as the license plate. 

Source: RollsRoyce

According to Bloomberg, Balwinder Sahani, who owns a property management company, shelled out this huge amount of money for the license plate 'D5'! And that is not the only license plate he bought. He also picked up another plate for about ₹1.8 crores.

Source: FinancialExpress

And this isn't the first time Sahani has spent a bomb on a number plate. Last year, he bought 'O9' for 25 million dirhams, or approximately ₹48 crores.

Do not be shocked, these are the kind of things that regularly happen in Dubai. When luxury cars become too ubiquitous to show off as status symbols, they start using their license plates to showcase their immense wealth. In 2008, a businessman from Abu Dhabi, Saeed Al Khouri, paid more than 50 million dirhams for the number '1' on his license plate. 

Wow man! Dubai people, you are one terrific bunch.