The T20 season is going on and cricket fans seem to be on a whole new level especially after Indian cricket team secured its place in the semi-finals. Almost after every match, the fans reach out for their favourite cricketers, mainly via social media. But there are some who don't miss even a single chance to do so. Sometimes, even cricketers express their feelings in return. Let's take a look at some some instances when appreciation and love went too far on the cricket field.

1. The time when a fan blew a kiss to Zaheer Khan

This incident took place during the third and final Test match of the 2005 TVS Cup Test Series. A female fan holding a banner saying, 'Zaheer I Love You' was picked up by the cameraman.

Source: Youtube

Without wasting any time she blew a kiss to Zaheer Khan.

Khan, who seem to be persistently taunted by Yuvraj Singh in this video responded to her by blowing a kiss back. 

2. When Mahender Singh Dhoni gave an unusual reaction to his fans.

When Captain Cool encountered a group of girls with a note saying, 'I love you Dhoni', he had the cutest reaction and covered his face with his hands. 

3. When Sachin Tendulkar got kissed on the field by a crazy fan 

If you don't know Sachin Tendulkar then either you live under a rock or you are Maria Sharapova. Considered to be an all-time great, Tendulkar also had his share of fan moments during his cricket career. And this one is especially 'romantic'.

Source: Washington Post

Check out this video when the 'god of cricket' got kissed by a crazy fan boy:

4. Bonus Entry: That moment when Virat Kohli expressed his feelings for Anushka Sharma

Who can forget this lovely gesture of Virat Kohli for Anushka Sharma? And this isn't exactly a fan moment it goes down in history as one of the most romantic incidents on field. This star cricketer blew a kiss to his then-girlfriend after he scored a 50 during a match in 2014. He also became the quickest batsman to score 6,000 runs in ODIs in that match.

Source: India Today

Anushka Sharma, who was present at the location, responded with a standing ovation for his achievement.

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Here's the video:

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