Women, the times they truly are a-changing! And the harbinger of this change is beverage expert Karina Aggarwal as she brings to us the first ever beer club for women, quite aptly titled Smarty Pints Society. This is for all the women who have had to defend their choice when they confidently ordered a beer, and for all the women who ever thought that beer is too bitter, or beer is for the boys, brace yourselves because..

The game is about to change

on March 12, Def. Col. Social, Defence Colony from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. 

The objective was just to get women together, to taste and learn about beer, as an expert on beer herself Karina says, "I end up doing a lot of beer appreciations and notice that the women are almost always hesitant to ask questions or share opinions. They usually come up to me after and say something and i thought it was high time we had a group without men being around to claim prerogative." 

Here's what you can expect

A fun, casual time, with fun casual people, so come dressed comfortably and ready to get down with some beer with the girls. You will figure out things like hops, malts, ale, pale, and all the lingo that goes with becoming a true-blue beer drinker. Karina also intends on making this a monthly thing at a new space in a new place, so while it might be Delhi this time, Bombay or Bangalore it could be you next.

Meet Smarty-Pants Karina Aggarwal, the girl who's about the change the rules:

She's got skills, and has been around in the industry for long enough to make sure this is an exciting time for you. Also the seats are filling up fast, so make sure you get to registering yourself for this quick. Call +91 9833091976. Visit here to register and for more details and you can go here to book your spot.