Alcohol brings out an entirely fun side of you, doesn’t it? One moment, you’re trying to pace yourself and the next, someone’s dancing on the table while another is searching for a shoe. I will never admit it, but even I have had my fair share of embarrassing stories from the happy times. But let’s face it, the stories are way funnier when someone else is telling them.

Seems like this is what made some of India’s best comedians share their trysts with inebriation yesterday, prompting Twitterati to erupt into chaos by sharing their own tales. Have a look! *giggles*

When Kanan Gill used the aeroplane's loo for a little too long. 

Tanmay Bhat's drunk Basketball game was both hilarious and hurtful. Ouch!

Atul Khatri's embarrassing yet precise drunken moment.

This official blunder by Sumukhi Suresh

And there were many more like Varun Thakur, Naveen Richards, Ashish Shakya and Kaneez Surka.

All this humour concluded in a single, more important message - Don't drink and drive.

Wonder what coaxed these people to share such stories? In an effort to discourage people from drinking and driving, Ola sent seemingly crazy tweets that were at best, ramblings of a drunken mind. And so, everyone thought the social media guy had gone into the New Year festivities a little early. Don't believe us? Have a look

Also hitting on brands ... classic!

 After Tweeple went mad with laughter, Ola started this thread on Twitter asking people to talk about their most embarrassing moments under the influence.

And hence began a trail of tweets of people sharing their stories including some of which we showcased above. All India Bakchod tweeted #PeekeMatChalana to pull off the curtain from what seemed like a drunk day at Ola's office. After which AIB did what they do best - made us laugh! They launched this witty yet non-preachy video about welcoming this New Year with optimism and concluded it with bringing home the point that drinking and driving is not something you should be proud of.

Moral of the story, when drunken tweets can be so hazardous, drunk driving seems like a foolhardy and frankly, suicidal step to take. So, it's smarter to take a cab home than risking your safety by driving in your inebriated state.