Undoubtedly, Irrfan Khan is one of the finest actors of the industry. The actor enjoys an immense fan-following. He has time and again proved his acting prowess by nailing whichever role he plays. He once said, 'I've played many characters that have consumed me and owned me.'

The critically acclaimed actor has managed to create an exclusive space for himself by his unmatched talent.

Here are few of his films which prove his diversity as an actor

Paan Singh Tomar 

In this biopic film Irrfan managed to recreate two phases of the athlete who later turned bandit. The first phase required him to be have a body like that of an athlete and the second features him wearing a khaki outfit with arms carried in his hands like a bandit. The actor was awarded a national award for his splendid performance in the film. 


Based on Jhumpa Lahiri's novel, the film saw Irrfan adorn a unique look with curly hair spectacles. He plays a first generation Bengali immigrant from Bengal to USA and takes us through the emotional turmoil and captures all the hope and heartache that goes into the process. 

Saat Khoon Maaf:

Although the movie was centered around Priyanka Chopra, Khan managed to make his presence felt with the unusual character of a Kashmiri poet who woos and wins Priyanka Chopra’s love. The film saw him adorn a unique avatar where he is seen wearing Pathani along with long hair and beard. 


Irrfan played a more refreshing character of an urban taxi company owner from Delhi. He plays the next door guy in the film that explored the relationship of father-daughter duo. He managed to sparkle and stand out even alongside big stars like Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan. 


Set in the 1947's partition backdrop, Irrfan effortlessly played the role of a stubborn Sikh man who wants his son to carry his legacy of a strong hunter ahead. He nailed the character by adding a desi flavour to it, making it look authentic. 


His latest release Madaari saw him undergoing a transformation for a character that has a mysterious tinge to itself. He played a common man who wishes to seek justice for his son who dies due to the collapse of a bridge. He has been highly appreciated for his role in the film. 


In this particular film, he donned the perfect look of a mafia. His looks doubled up with his impeccable acting skills making the movie a treat to watch. He shines even in a crowd of established and senior actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri. 

His talent is unmatched and his movies are testimony to that. 

This man is not just an actor but an experience to look out for. If you're looking forward for some great substance and acting skills, you must watch his films.