He's the best there is at what he does. But what he does best isn't very nice.

There are few sentences that can summarise Hugh Jackman's contribution to the world of pop culture as well as this one can. Now that comic-book movies are the new in thing, Hugh Jackman has remained constant in the world of ever changing characters. While the jury is still out on Ben Affleck as a decent Batman and whether he is better than Christian Bale, there can be no debate about the lasting effect Hugh Jackman's absence will have on the genre itself.

Hugh Jackman has been the Wolverine for two decades now. And just like fine wine, he seems to have gotten better with time. The trailer for Logan dropped yesterday and it looks like nothing that the X-Men franchise has previously churned out. While Wolverine's solo movies weren't that great, the franchise seems to have finally done him justice.

Thank you for the memories, Wolverine. You'll be the anti-hero we'll always root for.

Some actors rule our hearts with their performances, but most of them are replaced by others. Seldom do we come across characters that are embedded in our psyche to an extent where we find it extremely hard to accept anyone else in the same role. Wolverine is one of them.

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Back in 2000, Fox released X-Men upon a world that had been wounded by Batman & Robin just three years before. It was a world that never expected to see a big budget comic book movie again. X-Men helped change all of that and now all movies are comic book movies. Isn’t the future great? Well, we owe it all to Hugh Jackman.

Before Bryan Singer decided to make a movie on the widely-loved X-Men comics, there was little to no interest in that particular genre. While the first two movies of the franchise were pretty decent, there was nothing extraordinary about them. Except one thing - Wolverine had finally arrived in public consciousness and we just couldn't get enough of him.

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You know a character is brilliant when you can sit through a shitfest of a movie just to see him play a tiny cameo. We did it way too often and that was one of the major reasons why Wolverine got his own movies. They were terrible, we agree, but then it wasn't about the plot as much as it was about seeing our own Wolverine on screen.

The character is so famous that they shoehorn it into every movie possible. That's the power of Wolverine.

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His best moment in the X-Men universe came in the form of three words in a twenty second cameo.

Magneto: “Excuse me. I’m Erik Lehnsherr.”

Hugh Jackman's eighth appearance as Marvel's adamantium-laced Canadian in X-Men: Apocalypse is as good a time as any to look back on the always popular X-Man's coolest and most action-packed movie moments. His ass-kicking legacy dates back to 2000s but he is that one man who refuses to age. 

But, like they say, all good things must come to an end. Hugh Jackman is hanging his claws with Logan. The teaser poster reveal turned a lot of heads and fans are excited as ever to catch their favourite superheroes last outing. We know that change is the only constant thing about life but for a generation that has grown up on Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, we refuse to accept anyone else in the same role.

Yes, X-23 will be cool and we're sure that with a good performance she'll win us over but, for us, Hugh Jackman will always be the Wolverine.