We're taught to believe that the key to a long and healthy life is a consistently healthy lifestyle, right? By that logic, anyone who follows a moderate diet, exercises regularly and refrains from smoking, should live to be at least a hundred.

But a trip to the this small village on the southern end of the Italian Amalfi coast may change all you think you know about long lives.


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Acciaroli is a tiny port town on the Italian coastline that will wow you with its stunning vistas and relaxed lifestyle.


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Source: Residence Ancora


Acciaroli has recently begun to be studied by researchers because of its unusually high number of centenarians - people over the age of 100.


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The mayor of the town boasts of how they have more 100-year-old residents than any other place in the world. About 300.


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Several of the town's elderly folk have managed this despite being constant smokers and visibly overweight.


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And guess what, over 20 percent of them have reached the age of 110.


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What's more, the area has bafflingly low rates of Alzheimer's and heart disease.


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Rosemary, a herb that has long been linked to preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and improving brain function and memory is a staple here.


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They grow it everywhere you go, and use it as a garnish or in oils and that may have something to do with this town's miraculous life-expectancy.


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A minimally industrialised town, the residents of Acciaroli breathe the freshest air on earth.


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The beaches and the hilly areas make for breath-taking sights all over. I imagine living a stress-free life amongst these would surely bump one's life up by more than a few years.


Source: Residence Ancora


We can go on guessing what their secret is. But at the end of the day, a resident of Acciaroli have found something we may forever struggle to find - a long and more importantly, peaceful life.