Trailers are a devil's piece of work. As soon as a movie is officially declared these days, fans would eagerly wait to get the first taste of what the film might look like. Lately, we've had an insane number of blue-balls trailers - the trailers that get us all hyped up only for the movie to crush all our hopes. 

This is why the original teaser for Star Wars: A New Hope becomes particularly interesting. The movie studio had no clue about the true potential of the franchise and that reflects clearly in the original teaser trailer. If we sugar-coat our words, we'd tell you that the trailer is garbage.

Here's the original trailer. Take a look for yourself:

We might have never gotten a Star Wars in the first place. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” almost never happened at all. It's funny how the studio demanded that theatres order Star Wars if they wanted the eagerly anticipated The Other Side of Midnight based on the novel by the same name. So the only way for theatres to get a hold of The Other Side of Midnight was if they agreed to show Star Wars.

And guess what happened? Star Wars became a cultural phenomena where as The Other Side of Midnight is yet to make a single dollar of profit.

Life is funny, eh?