Have you ever counted the number of rape, molestation and sexual abuse cases that our social media feeds are filled up with? It's disturbing. Here is one such incident which, just like many others, highlights the need for safety of people, especially women in our country.

Preetha Banerjee, a journalist by profession, shared her horrific cab experience with Uber India on Twitter. According to her, it was no less than a hell ride.

Banerjee, who booked a shared cab around 5.30 pm yesterday, was threatened by the driver to move out of the car just because she requested him to crank up the AC. However, the driver declined her request telling her that it's his car and he will decide how cold it gets in it. Without thinking twice, Banerjee contacted the concerned authority on Twitter and Uber India has now promised to take necessary action.

This is how the conversation took place on Twitter.

Needless to say, it's good to see such quick response from Uber India.

Masthead image source: Forbes