Everything about life looks so pretty through the various filters of social media. 

But that's not what real life looks like, is it? If you look closely, you'll see happy faces around you, but they all have sad eyes. Deep inside, there is something broken inside all of us.

In our perennial search for happiness, what we often forget is that sorrow is as much a part of life as is joy. The highs in life come at the price that there will be lows as well. And the sooner we realize and accept that, the faster we'll find peace in life.

And to throw some light on the darker side of life, here are 24 Kahlil Gibran quotes that give voice to our struggles, out sadness, our silence and our sorrows:

So if things don't seem to going according to plan, it's okay. 

Be patient. It's just a phase. It will pass. Learn to accept what life gives you but don't just live with it, give it your best by believing in yourself and by dealing with your sorrows and sufferings.

Design Credits: Saransh Singh & Lakshya Vij.