Karan Johar has always been the centre of homophobic jokes in India. His morning begins with "gay ma*****od, good mornin" ever since he joined Twitter, the platform which allows everyone a chance to interact with famous personalities. 

The haters make sure his morning begins not on a happy note but on a hate note. But in his latest column for NDTV, he had addressed his haters and given them the perfect reply. 

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Here are a few of his best quotes from his open letter to haters.

It was hate at first sight when he joined social media.  

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It took him a lot of time to figure out what's with all the hatred. 

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People wouldn't even leave him alone if he wants to pout

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He's not the only one who's the centre of hatred. Remember the time everyone blamed Anushka Sharma when India lost the match. 

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Finally his heartfelt message to all his trollers. 

Amidst all the hate Karan and SRK had a slight BFF moment on Twitter. 

Now that was cute!