Amidst all the news of chaos and bloodshed from the valley, comes the story of Aamir Wani. A Kashmiri photographer and poet, who through his lens, wants to remember the paradise, Kashmir once was. His beautiful imagery and words on Instagram, perfectly capture the mood of the many Kashmiris, whose hearts bleed for their homeland. 

The name Kashmir either reminds one of bloodshed and violence or the serene idyllic landscapes. Aamir through his images and words, beautifully captures this chasm and weaves a story that resonates with many. His handle already boasts of over 12K followers.

Source: Instagram

 While talking to ScoopWhoop, Aamir tells us the thought behind his Instagram handle,  

"I returned with a thought that I wanted to do something positive for Kashmir and therefore I decided to showcase Kashmir through my pictures and words. To showcase the beauty, hope, courage, it possesses. Being a Kashmiri, I feel there's a huge misunderstanding among people from outside Kashmir, I believe that they see Kashmir in a different way than it actually is and I wanted to change that perspective and show the world how actually Kashmir and its people are."



We hope that this beautiful land ravaged by violence and bloodshed, finds peace again. 

You can follow more of his work on kashmirthroughmylens

Design Credits: Disha Bhanot