While PM Modi has launched the demonetisation drive to fight corruption, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has accused him of taking a bribe while he was the chief minister of Gujarat and called him the 'biggest black money holder'.

He claimed that Modi received an amount of Rs 25 crore from Aditya Birla Group to clear some of its projects.Β 

To substantiate his claims, he produced papers and documents which he said were a copy of appraisal report of Income Tax raids conducted against Aditya Birla group on October 15, 2013.

According to the papers, it is revealed that the group's then executive vice president Shubhendu Amitabh may have given a bribe of Rs 25 crore to Narendra Modi as the then CM of Gujarat.

He said that according to a tax department report after the raid, laptops and phones belonging to the then president of the conglomerate were studied and this entry was found: "Gujarat CM-25 Crore (12 done rest?)".

The AAP leader also criticised the Congress for not taking action against Modi.Β 

β€œThis raid happened in 2013. The Congress was in power. But they should have initiated action. It means that the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress had deals between them,” he added.

The CM was speaking during a one-day special session of the Delhi Assembly where he demanded a roll-back of demonetisation and further accused PM Modi of protecting his "corporate friends" and exploiting the poor.Β 

Rejected the charges, a BJP leader told NDTV, β€œHe (Kejriwal) will be known as a coward chief minister. He used the privilege of the House to tell lies.”