First, it was Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan who were unabashedly trolled over the name of their newborn son Taimur, and then it was cricketer Mohammad Shami who was targeted by religious bigots from his community over a photo of himself with his wife, in which she was accused of wearing an 'immodest' attire.

Now, in yet another instance of religious fanaticism and intolerance, a popular radio jockey-cum-actor based in Kolkata has become the latest victim of social media trolls after he posted a picture of his family celebrating Christmas.

What followed was a series of abuses from religious bigots reminding him that being a Muslim, he should not be celebrating Christmas. He was also lectured by some telling him that his wife and daughter should dress as per Islamic traditions.

Ali told Times of India, "Some of the comments that followed were shocking. I was advised by one person to seek forgiveness from the almighty Allah. Another said, my post was very unsuitable for someone practising Islam. And, a third even had the audacity to tell me that I should ask my wife and daughter to wear hijab."

Shocked by the hateful comments, the radio jockey hit back at his detractors in a fresh Facebook post that has gone viral. He also attached the screenshots of some of the comments and put up a strongly-worded post, to criticise what he called a “worrying trend” and and urged all to be more inclusive.

Here's his full post:

Not forgetting his sense of humour, he ended the post saying, ”Yeh Christmas jitni ‘Merry’ hai, utni hi hai ‘Teri’.. Par Afsos, tu samjhegaa nahin.. (This Christmas is as much mine as your, but you won't understand.)