Karam Chand and Kartari have been married for 88 years. That's eighty and eight. They've both crossed the age of 100 but you can tell that they're in the least bit affected by age. Even after all these years, Karam Chand says that there is no one like her, not even close. The cutest however is when she blushes after hearing this.

After leaving India for the industrial north of England in the 1960's, Karam and Kartari built a life through hard work and love. As Karam says, 'everything will be fine, with love'. They've been blessed with 8 children, 26 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren.

Source: LifeCrust

Their family holds immense gratitude towards their parents who have worked hard and given them what they could not have. Their opinion is always taken into account before any kind of decision is made by the family.

As for Karam and Kartari, you will find them playing board games, scolding each other over not eating enough fruits and dancing to old Punjabi songs whenever their knees allow for it.

Watch them being themselves in this short movie called 'Elders'.

This is what you call real couple goals