Remember Paint? Of course, you do. Paint is one of Microsoft's most famous software products ever. Although very simple in nature, the art creating tool has been a huge hit with children and adults alike. All of us have, at some point or other, used the tool to try exploring the artist inside us.

And with times, as the Windows OS changed, paint changed along with it too. 

This is what paint looked like in Windows 98:

Source: Behance

And here's how it was in Windows XP:

Source: OnlineTechTips

And this is how it looked like in Windows 7/8:

Source: OnlineTechTips

And now, with the latest Windows 10, Microsoft has come out with a new Paint app that is way cooler than any other version of Paint. 

Source: UberGizmo

This app is created keeping in mind the people who use Windows 10 on their Surface tablets and touch screen computers. 

The coolest part about it is the 3D view. You can now use nothing but Paint to create 3D art. 

Source: Youtube
Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Looks amazing, right?

With the stylish Windows 10 UI, the app does look pretty awesome. And judging by the video they released, it looks super fun to use. Check it out: 

The app, called Paint Preview has a range of markers, brushes and other art tools that can help artists to create 3D objects. The beautiful interface mixes 3D models and 2D images very elegantly to give you the final art piece. 

Have a look at how this artist designs a 3D flower vase: 

But hold your horses. If the artist inside you has come out already, it might be a little early. This version of Paint hasn't been released yet. It is expected to be announced at Microsoft's special event in New York on October 26th. 

We can't wait!