The Konkan Railways - a subsidiary zone of the Indian Railways - has taken up a unique initiative for enhancing traveller experience. At Goa's Madgaon station, passengers are now greeted with live music.

Konkan railway authorities have earmarked a slot for musicians to play live music at the station while commuters arrive or wait for trains. The first to have performed at the station is Goa-based Aarohi group that played instrumental music on March 12, The Hindu reported.

KR spokesperson Siddeshwar Telugu told DNA that,

“Madgaon station is an important station in Goa, having a footfall of almost 10,000 passengers per day. Domestic as well as International tourists visit Goa round the year. It is a good opportunity for the music bands/troupes for showcasing their skills at the station.”

The idea of a live band at a railway station came to KR chairman and MD Sanjay Gupta after he was impressed by a musical performance by artists at the Delhi airport. He discussed it with senior officials and saw it as a way to promote local talent. Initial gigs were performed by the railway staff, which has now paved the way for local bands, The India Express reported.

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Authorities have also announced that any troupe or organisation willing to showcase their talent are welcome to perform at the station.