A man from Massachusetts on Thursday allegedly kicked an airline worker wearing hijab at the John F Kennedy airport while shouting that Trump is here now, he will get rid of all of you.

According to New York Times, A Rhodes, 57, was waiting for his connecting flight to Massachusetts when he saw Rabeeya Khan, a worker at the Delta Air Lines lounge at Terminal 2.

CBS reports the eyewitnesses saying that Rhodes approached Khan and started abusing her. He mocked the way Muslims pray and asked her as to what is it. Rhodes then punched the door and hit the back of Khan's chair.

Source: b'Source/Reuters'

When a worried Khan asked him as to what had she done, he replied that he was "going to kick her ass." Soon after this, he kicked Khan on her leg and ran after her.

After blocking her in one corner, he got onto his knees, mocking Muslim praying and shouted, " Trump is here now! He will get rid of all of you. F*** Islam, F*** ISIS! Trump is here."

Rhodes was later held and charged with assault, menacing and harassment as hate crimes and other related charges.  

(Feature image source: Reuters)