Coming out is never an easy thing. Especially in India. There is no dearth of haters in our society, but that's never stopped the brave from standing up for who they truly are. And we recently saw yet another commendable example of such courage on Facebook.

Himanshu Singh from Mumbai publicly came out as a homosexual on Facebook and his heartwarming post is inspiring - not just for the LGBTQ community of India, but for everyone here that's ever struggled with embracing exactly who they are.

Source: Facebook

Singh explained how every individual is defined by so much more than their sexuality, but it still remains one of the fundamentals of one's being. And it should be honoured with nothing less than a proud and unabashed public announcement.

"My sexuality is not a phase, it never was. It is not a disease, it is not a mental disability, it is not a choice, and definitely not a disgrace. I was born this way. I realised it when I was 14. It is so saddening to say that I had to strive for normalcy to be in societal norms all these years. It smothered me for quite a long time. Why do people advice to tell it to only those who matter? Why it has to be hushed and shushed?"
Source: Facebook

Himanshu took this opportunity to reach out to anyone out there who is still struggling with such challenges and urges everyone to really live the one life they've got. Not only that, he leaves us all with a strong message of love and acceptance.

"Your assumptions, lack of knowledge, ignorance and phobias are killing your closeted friends. Everyday!"

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Congratulations on this big day! We're celebrating your courage with you and cheering you on, Himanshu.