A girl was hit and her father was assaulted brutally, resulting in his death, by the staff of a school in Bihar. And it was all over the request for an extra helping of khichdi. 

In a shocking incident reported from the Aaria district of the state, 12-year-old Khasheed was allegedly hit on February 10 for asking for an extra helping of 'khichdi' during the lunch offered as part of the mid-day meal programme, says this Indian Express report

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When she returned home and told her parents of the incident, her father, Mohammad Shagir, went to the school to complain, only to be assaulted and resulting in his death.

A case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder has been filed against three teachers and the cook of the mid-day meal has been filed for assaulting Shagir. 

However, all of them are absconding and ever since the incident the school has remained shut, says the report.