Last week, you might have come across a few reports on your news feed on how Gigi Hadid was assaulted by a stranger. The highlight of the story, however, was how she fought tooth and nail and even elbowed the assaulter in the face. The internet was overjoyed seeing how bravely she fought back. 

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But while all of us were thinking this was a one time act by a random dude in search of some cheap thrills, come out, we were wrong. Because he struck again, and this time, his victim was none other than Kim Kardashian. And this is not the first time that he has assaulted her.  

But who is this guy who randomly goes on assaulting celebrities?

Meet Vitalii Sediuk. His Instagram bio reads, 'Entertainment Hollywood Reporter', and he calls himself a 'prankster,' but what he really does is randomly showing up to places where celebrities throng, and harass them.

And his defense? He claims the assault on Gigi and Kim was his way of 'protesting.' And what exactly was he protesting? 

Well, here's what he had to say about it:

After reading this, we decided to dig into this 'protester', and we were appalled by what we found. 

Apparently, Sediuk has a long record of assaulting celebrities for reasons comprehensive to him alone. Since 2011, he's assaulted more than 10 celebrities at different occasions, doing some antic or the other. From trying to kiss Will Smith, to burying his face into Leonardo DiCaprio's groin (Oh yeah, that happened), this guy is nothing more than a relentless stalker and a molester. And celebrities seem to be his fetish.

This man, oh so boldly, goes around touching, molesting and harassing celebrities. If some sane lawyer were to put him behind bars, he'll be pleading guilty to criminal charges, including molestation, stalking, harassment, assault, assault with intent to harm, sexual assault, perversion...and many more.

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With so many cases in the past, how is the media still downplaying it and taking it so lightly? Why are we still calling him a prankster and not a sexual assaulter?

Until now, most news websites have been labelling him as a prankster. But this man is no ordinary prankster. The people over at Just for Laughs Gags qualify as pranksters, Cyrus Broacha qualifies as a prankster, but not him! 

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How is kissing someone's ass a prank, or even a protest? How is creeping behind someone and kissing them appropriate? 

If he has the audacity to touch a female celebrity's derriere, without her permission and in public, what is going to stop him from molesting a random passerby because he didn't like their gait and he's protesting against it? 

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Celebrity or not, everyone has a right to privacy. If you really want to protest something, Mr Sediuk, we suggest you take some lessons or read some books. Please don't trivialise the word and people who actually protest for something they care for. 

As far as your sleazy, stalker-ish, molester behaviour is concerned, why don't you take some professional help, huh? Considering it's a far better alternative to spending time in jail.