In 1986, Kay and Joe O'Regan ran their first marathon in London. In 2016, these 80-year olds who'd been married for 57 years finished their last marathon in Ireland. Holding each other's hands, both times. They not only finished the marathon but were winners in their age group, and are still very much in love. 

Even after half a century, they held hands like young lovers. Their wrinkles tell a thousand stories and their smiles have a vibrant excitement. Their victory stands for the deep commitment they share with each other. 

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Kay and Joe are proving that age is just a number!

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We aren’t special or extraordinary, as far as we are concerned running is just something we do.


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At 80, Kay finished her 113th marathon and Joe his 29th. It was their 57th wedding anniversary. Their promise to one another? They run one last time, together. 

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A 'then and now' picture of the evergreen couple shows nothing has changed since 1986. 

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Defying expectations, Kay and Joe began their journey in sports quite late. To celebrate their 50th birthdays, which was three weeks apart, Kay signed them up for the London Marathon 30 years ago. They were already married for 27 years back then and already had children. But, never did they lose the passion and drive to achieve something bigger. 

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As they finished the race, the couple could not understand what all the noise was about. Well, he did admit later that an 80-year-old couple running 26.2 miles is pretty rare.

The thing is, I may look like I am 80 but I don’t feel like it.

- Joe

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We believe that too, Joe! Hope you both stay fit, always. All the couch potatoes in the house, you listenin'?