What is life but a sum total of all our experiences, right? Unfortunately though, not all experiences are pleasant. Try as hard as you may but we're all bound to go through our own share of struggles. No matter who we are or what we do, sometimes, it's overwhelming to deal with everything around us. 

If you're feeling too grim, cheer up for all's not lost, yet. The beauty of life is such that with every passing day, there's a whole new chance for us. A chance to start afresh, a chance to make things happen, a chance to fight battles and eventually, a chance to come out stronger, better and evolved. And a classic example of this evolution is Meredith from Grey's Anatomy

From her husband's death to losing her mother and even her half-sister in a terrible plane crash, Meredith has seen it all. Yet, she's somehow managed to come out of it, stronger than ever, every single time. Her mantra has always been simple: deal with every problem head-on because frankly, what else can one do?

Whenever we're going through hard times, it's important to never lose faith. As Meredith shows us, we must get up and get going, focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. She may not be the best decision-maker but Meredith's will power certainly makes her inspirational. 

If you're going through a hard time, here are 19 quotes by Meredith Grey to keep you positive and help you get through:

Design credit: Disha Bhanot