Oscar winning actress, Meryl Streep, known for playing versatile roles and transforming into the character she plays, took on the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, as she impersonated him in her latest comedy stint, at the Public Theater’s gala celebration, in New York. 

She efficiently played Donald Trump and left the audience in splits of laughter by aping the politician's mannerisms.

After Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp successfully impersonated Trump, the popular actress mimicked the politician in the most explicit way, turning him into a laughing stock. 

Being a part of the Public Theater’s gala celebration, she paid a tribute to Shakespeare by singing “Brush Up Your Shakespeare”, from the Cole Porter musical “Kiss Me, Kate", alongside actress Christine Baranski.

Streep, being a Hillary Clinton supporter, imitated Trump by not only dressing up like him but also mimicking the Republican's gestures and mannerisms. She wore black suit, white shirt, and a red ties, exactly the way the Republican front runner dresses. 

Apparently, Meryl had also skipped the dinner before the show to get into the character and not lose focus. 

Can this woman ever disappoint us with acting prowess? Never!