Milind Soman has been the dream man for every '90s girl and honestly, this holds true even today. He's the real Ironman who finished the world's toughest triathlon and frankly, he's only getting better with every passing year. 

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Can you even believe he's turned 51 today? The man has aged like fine wine!

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As he sets new records in marathons every other day, no wonder he's setting also impossible standards for men all over, right?

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He proves that perfection is indeed possible.  

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And it isn't like Milind shone only in his later years. 

He has been perfect since FOREVER!

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His chiseled body kept us glued to our TV screens, even back in the '90s.

Those brooding eyes wouldn't allow us to take our eyes off him.

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His charming face that is crafted to perfection.

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Honestly, we were in love with his personality from the beginning. His appearance in music videos just reiterated the fact that this was a man who was meant for much more.

Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula was basically the story of every '90s girl!

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And we aren't just fans of this man for his oh-so-perfect body. His entire life is an example of how far one can get with a strong will and healthy choices. 

Milind went from smoking 30 cigarettes a day to quitting altogether!

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Milind has always been active when it comes to promoting causes and proudly associates himself to Pinkathon, urging women to run marathons, thereby promoting good health and also raising breast cancer awareness.

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Though the man doesn't model professionally anymore, each picture of him is just perfect!

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We have been crushing over him for decades and frankly, we just can't stop! 

All the other men better up their game!