The internet is an infinitely crazy place. It's from here that you can learn lessons like not every person you see on Instagram is attractive, and not every funny guy on Twitter has a sense of humour. Oh, and also never judge an image by the thumbnail. There could be a whole new world out there, because whoever said door ke dhol suhane  clearly had their shit together.

Read on, and you will never ask why.

1. Ad for a lube?

Or not!

Source: twitter

2. Baby's got back?

You wish! Hah!

Source: reddit

3. Calm down there, calm down.

Like we said, calm down.

Source: 2ch-soku

4. Is that an eye of some exotic creature?

Really? Is it?

Source: pandawhale

5. A cross breed between a dog and a tarantula?

Oh no, awww!

Source: diaforetiko

6. Puppies again?

Oh no no no...

Source: imgur

7. Swimming team prostate examination?


Source: 9gag

8. Is that what we think it is?

Like we thought, just a ceiling.

Source: huffingtonpost

9. That helicopter, though.

Err...or not?

Source: reddit

10. Grossed out?

But why? Just a piggy family.

Source: jenpromuz

11. The lunar eclipse captured to perfection.

Wait, what?

Source: begtotenlu

12. NSFW?

Ugh, or not.

Source: hittana

13. On a beautiful moonlit night...

No moon, no night, but yes, beautiful.

Source: pikdit

14. Bootaay!

See that little laugh icon? 'Nuff said.

Source: reddit

15. Just how long since they flushed that toilet?

Oh, that's what it's all about.

Source: growagoodlife

16. iPhones owned by some rich kid on Instagram.


Source: reddit

17. Big explosion.

That happens when a polar bear jumps into the water.

Source: reddit

18. When you try to make pancakes for the very first time...

Oh sorry, did we mislead you there?

Source: reddit

19. Ariel image of a lava explosion

Or may be just some mountain somewhere.

Source: reddit

20. When you drop your ice cream...

...and a pelican comes out!

Source: reddit

21. This is definitely a tarantula!

Gotcha gotcha gotcha!

Source: imgur

Always look at the bigger picture, my friend.