The entire battery fire fiasco has proved to be of great embarrassment for Samsung, since its Galaxy Note 7 was widely touted to be the best smartphone of the year. Jokes were made, memes were circulated and the internet was going crazy as its phones kept exploding.

Now even, the US President has jumped on the bandwagon. During a speech, POTUS just trolled Samsung (without naming it though) on its ongoing exploding-phone problem, reported CNET.

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The outgoing White House inhabitant was speaking at Miami Dade College, mainly in defense of his signature Affordable Care Act. He used several analogies to describe Obamacare, which has faced widespread scrutiny in recent months. 

And then he came up with the best one. He compared Obamacare to a smartphone, noting that when a smartphone (or a law) has a few bugs, you fix it or upgrade it. 

But then with his characteristic witty smile, he added, ''You don’t just throw it away. Unless it catches fire and then they just, then they pull it off the market.''

However, even though the smartphone is facing setbacks, Obama said, “You don’t go back to using a rotary phone.”

“You don’t say, ‘We’re repealing smartphone,’” he added with a sly smile.

Of course, everyone was amused, as you can hear from the audience's laughter. But for Samsung, it was just not funny!