Your favourite 90s sitcom FRIENDS, (which you still re-watch every night) and your favourite Christmassy movie Home Alone (which you still watch every Christmas and cackle at loudly when the wet bandits get wasted), may have a link you'll never guess. 

Remember the gorgeous house in the New York suburbs which Monica and Chandler were smitten by? Turns out that it was the McCallisters' house all along. 

Source: hookedonhouses

Confused fans will remember that Kevin and his family lived in Chicago and not New York, but production company 22 Vision has confirmed that it's the same booby-trapped house.

The folks from 22 Vision got in touch with the actual residents of the house who confirmed that it was the same house. The video of Monica and Chandler touring the house, has the same view you would get if you peeked out of one of the McCallisters' windows. 

This video should clear up all your doubts.

Monica and Chandler's house overlooks the Murphys' house with its wreath on the front door and their garage door. Turns out that the FRIENDS crew used Home Alone stock footage for the scene outside the windows.

They must have shelled out quite a bomb because that house costs $1.58 million.