Mothers always mean well, but sometimes it can just go so hilariously wrong. This one mother would have had one hell of a red face by the time she realised what she had bought her daughter. Because well, you cannot just be too sure about what you are buying your kids

Twitter user Katie posted about her mother's recent purchase for her, and the internet is going crazy. The woman purchased a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt for her daughter. It would look innocent enough at the first go, a white T-shirt with thin golden patterns running all over it. 

Source: Daily Star

But a closer look shows multiple small figures of people partaking in a massive orgy. Definitely not something a mother would happily buy for a daughter.

Twitter users seem to be having a gala time and the image has been retweeted over 3500 times, leaving the mother and daughter equally confused about the amount of attention the tweet has received. 

Katie tells Mashable,

She's finding it hilarious but is just as confused as I am, with why it's getting so much attention. I think she secretly knew and was just trying to wind me up but every time she looks at the shirt she just laughs hysterically.
Source: DailyStar

Well, all for a good laugh. But we advice you to look carefully before you buy, unless it's a well-planned prank.