When the Humans of Bombay Facebook page made a post about a young boy who sells Christmas trees at Hill Road in Bandra (Mumbai), the outpouring of support took even them by surprise.

Within a few hours, they put out another post:

"Over the past few hours we've received multiple messages/emails and comment inquiries about the boy who wants to be scientist. We're thankful to each and every one of you, who care enough to make this world a better, more compassionate place. We found him selling these little Christmas trees at Hill Road, Bandra. Hopefully, he's still around and we can relocate him to try and set up a fund that you can contribute to. If any of you are passing by and happen to see him, please try and get contact details -- that will help us expedite the process. Thank you all again for wanting to be the Santa in his life -- Merry Christmas!"

But isn't this the true spirit of Christmas -- not the parties or the rum cake or the wine. Rather, the spirit of giving; of helping fellow human beings through tough times. It's nice to see that everyone still has the human touch.

Read the original Humans of Bombay post below: