A 59-year-old man was allegedly assaulted in a movie theatre in Mumbai for not standing up when the National Anthem tune was being played on screen in a scene of a film.

The incident took place at a theatre in suburban Goregaon on Wednesday evening, police said. 

The victim, Amalraj Dasan, was allegedly hit on his face by a person for not standing up while the National Anthem was being played in a scene during the screening of film "Dangal". The particular scene pertained to depiction of winning of a gold medal by daughter of Mahavir Phogat (enacted by Aamir Khan). 

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The accused, identified as Shirish Madhukar, has been booked under IPC section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to broke peace), police said adding that a probe into the matter is on.

Amalraj had risen when the national anthem was played before the start of the movie but remained seated while it was played during a scene in the film, reports The Mirror. 

“I didn't know the movie's plot. How was I to know the national anthem would be played in the background in one of the scenes? Today it is me, tomorrow another unsuspecting movie-goer will be assaulted by an overzealous `patriot", The Mirror quoted Amalraj as saying. 

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Amalraj has requested the actors, producers and the censor board to caution the audiences if the movie contained any scenes related to the national anthem. 

The Supreme Court has now made it mandatory for everyone to stand up for the national anthem which is played before the screening of any movie.  

(Feature image source: Youtube)