Kashmir has been teetering on the edge for the last couple of weeks, what with the Burhan Wani fiasco leading to curfews in most of old city. Strangely enough however, from within the bedlam there's a story that should work to provide some form of solace to those assuming the worst.

Yesterday, locals helped perform the last rites of a Kashmiri Pandit woman in old city, defying curfew and proving that within all the violence there still lies a semblance of humanity.

Source: Tribune

Deepak Malhotra's mother passed away yesterday morning, and residents of Sheikh Mohalla in Maharaj Gunj stepped in to help with the needful. According to The Times of India, the local Muslims carried the body of the woman to the cremation ground.

Source: Risingkashmir

These kind of actions help to provide some much needed hope to those suffering the collateral of the issues plaguing Kashmir.