Photobombing is not a new concept for the people of Earth. The Internet is flooded with hilarious and amusing photographs of animals photobombing people or random strangers popping up in private photographs. Well, it now seems like celestial bodies have also caught on to this trend.


And this time it was the Moon that was being mean to our little Earth as it appeared in a picture it wasn't meant to be in! Bad moon, bad moon!

It was NASA's camera that caught the Moon photobombing the Earth! 

The awesome image was captured by NASA's camera- EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera)- a four-megapixel CCD camera and telescope mounted on one of its satellites called the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR). EPIC captures the sun-lit side of the Earth and provides important data on the ozone layer, vegetation, cloud height and aerosol in and around the atmosphere. 

This was the second time this year that EPIC captured the Moon as it made its appearance on the illuminated side of the Earth.


DSCOVR is positioned between the Sun and the Earth and mainly monitors solar winds in real-time for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The image above shows the North Pole at the top and the Moon moving over the Indian and Pacific oceans. It's images like this that truly make me feel small. Like the scale of the universe is too difficult to process! 

Watch this video to see how the Moon photobombed the Earth in style: