Bollywood celebrities may be featuring in a lot of short films lately. But Naseeruddin Shah feels it is best if the big stars stay away from the medium as they bring in their own baggage. 

Source: b'Naseeruddin Shah |Source: PTI\xc2\xa0'

When asked if more Bollywood stars should feature in short films to encourage the medium, Naseeruddin said,

"Probably not, because Bollywood stars bring a lot of baggage with them and they alter the odour of films. In a way it will be sad and good that young filmmakers get an opportunity to make big budget movies."

He added, "Of course it will be good for them (directors) and their careers but it will be sad because somewhere they will lose contact with their real strengths, as has happened over and over in the past."

Source: b'Naseeruddin Shah |Source: PTI\xc2\xa0'

The actor was speaking at at launch of Interior Cafe, a short film which stars him alongside actress Shernaz Patel. The movie has been directed by Adhiraj Bose. 

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