During the second presidential debate, the two US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump refused to shake hands before it began. In an indication of just how vicious the contest is this year, the two presidential candidates didn't shake hands before the third debate. But this time, they didn't shake hands after the debate was over either. 

Trump in this case adjusted papers on his podium while Clinton shook hands with the moderator Chris Wallace. She then walked off the stage while Trump came forward to shake Wallace's hand. 

This is how it began

And the debate ended with no handshake either: 

Trump has already declared multiple times that the elections are rigged, a move that some have said is one of the worst things to do given it lowers the standard of political discourse. 

Even on Thursday, Trump refused to acknowledge that he would accept the election verdict.  

"I will tell you at the time, I will keep you in suspense," Trump said.

Expectedly there were plenty of reactions to how the debate ended: