31st October, is a film based on our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination by her Sikh body guard, which were followed by the tragic 1984 riots. The film is based on a true life story of a Sikh family.

On its recent trailer launch, main lead Soha Ali Khan revealed insights about the film, she says,"The film is not made to give any justice to anyone. I think justice delayed is justice denied. So there will be no justice to the victims of 1984 riots through this film. We have made this film to share a story." reported by The Times Of India.

At trailer launch | Source: Twitter

Soha says, its not a political film and they do not intend to persuade the masses or preach anything,"We are not judges or lawyers. We are actors, we are just providing a film to the audience that is edge of the seat thriller. It's not a political thriller. It is not providing any agenda. We have tried not to be preachy. The film is about the struggle of a family on that night,"

Specially talking about her role, she expressed her excitement, "It's a great role and I am a greedy actor. It is rare to get meaty roles. For me to be part of this and play a real life character was an added responsibility. It was exciting as an actor."

Still from the movie | Source: Twitter

The film will be clashing with Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra's Mirzya. Directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil (a national award winner) will be released on 7th October.

Watch the trailer: