Ever wondered why city life seems so full of stress? Among many other things, it's also the sheer number of automobiles on the roads. AND THEIR GOD-FORSAKEN HORNS! You slow down your car, and there's some dude behind you honking his way to glory. You're three seconds late in accelerating after the lights go green, and there's someone behind you unleashing their entire life's frustration on you through their car horn.

In fact, it wouldn't be completely wrong to say that incessant honking brings out our ugly side. Thankfully, there are some out there who realize that this is a problem that needs to be fixed. Maruti Suzuki teamed up with Webchutney and came up with 'No Po Po', a device-based initiative that rewards people for not honking.

Don't believe us? Check this out.

Source - Webchutney Videos

This looks like a good initiative. Hope it catches on.