Narendra Modi pulled off an absolute stunner on 8th November when he suddenly declared that the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes won't be legal after midnight. This was totally something we could only imagine Rajinikanth doing in some South Indian movie.

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The best part was that the whole nation was in it together and not just the Internet. There were jokes and discussions happening all over India, right from a paan shop to a supermarket.

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We laughed at the jokes but little did we know that they can become reality in some cases now. This fusion of horrific and funny incident happened in Greater Noida where two robbers on a bike stole Rs 1500 from a labourer.

Fortunately, all the notes were in the denominations of Rs 500 notes. The robbers then returned the money to the victim, Vikas Kumar, and slapped him for not keeping Rs 100 notes.

According to a report in TOI, Vikas Kumar said:

I was walking from the site towards the bus stand when two bike-borne men rode towards me. They snatched my purse and fled. They came back and threw the purse at me. Then they slapped me and said I should have carried money in Rs 100 notes

Only in India.

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