At some point in our lives, we've all bought lavish gifts for someone. But Norway just took this gifting game to another level by giving a mountain to Finland on its 100th birthday! Yes, a humongous mountain!  

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Finland, which is already surrounded by numerous beautiful lakes, is now going to get a mountain too, further adding to its scenic beauty. The Norwegian government wants to move the border for Finland, naming the highest mountain peak for Finland's independence anniversary next year. 

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The Halti mountain is on the border of Finland and Norway. On the Finnish side, the loftiest point is known as Hálditšohkka but the remaining summit i.e. 4,367 foot is in Norway. 

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The border was drawn in the 1750s but according to geophysicists, the line is illogical as it is unable to draw a distinction between two peaks till now. 

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But, here's the catch. The Norwegian Constitution doesn't allow the transfer of power to another authority so we can't be sure as to when this can happen. But if it does happen, it will be interesting to see both the peaks as a part of Finland!

Source: M2


While talks are still underway, we are thrilled at Norway's gesture.

What a lofty gift!