Photographs are memories captured in film. But in a digitised world, do you ever wonder how to preserve your old printed film photographs? Google now has the answer for you. 

Google has just released a brand new photo app called PhotoScan  which lets you scan old print photographs so that you can have digitized photocopies of all your old memories.  

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What's Google PhotoScan?

It works on the fairly simple principle of photographing an existing photo make copies of it. Such technology has already been in use for a while to digitally scan photographs, but Google seems to have improved upon it. 

Source: Twitter/@androidcentre

PhotoScan does not allow light glares or leaks to come into the scanned image, a common problem encountered by several photo scanning devices and apps. It does so by taking multiple images from different angles of the print photograph, before creating a complete copy of the photograph on the device. 

How to use PhotoScan? 

The app is fairly simple to use. All you need to do is take the PhotoScan app (on any iOS or Android device), and take a picture of the photograph. You may also crop out additional background from the image using the app. 

The app will prompt you to align the image of the print to the borders of the app. It will do the rest. 

You can save the scanned photograph with GooglePhotos or even use other storage apps or portals. 

Other updates 

Apart from the PhotoScanner, which is an independent app and not part of Google , the company has also introduced a host of updates to GooglePhotos. 

More photo editing options 

Google Photos now boasts of more and better editing tools, including features such as an enhanced  'auto enhance', which perfects on Google's existing 'machine-learning' technology. The auto enhance edits the photograph according to its interpretation of the possible editing choices you (the editor) might make with a particular photograph. 

Finer editing options have been added such as manual adjustment of light, saturation, warmth, highlights,contrast etc, along with as many as 12 new presets. 

Making more use of the Machine-learning principle, GooglePhotos has been updated to be able to group similar photos or photos of the same person together and make photo movie, with background music et all. 

Moviemaker updates 

Updates to the moviemaker are expected to include auto-movie making features. It means that app can recognise and collect similar photos (such as baby photos or Diwali photos) or pictures of the same person and create photo-movies, with music eta all. 

Google claims Google Photos to be a home for all your pictures and it sure is working very hard to make it a pleasing home. 

Feature Image Source: Reuters | Twitter/@TechCrunch