Of late, Twitter has been experimenting a lot to make the site more user-friendly. In its latest attempt, Twitter is now opening up Moments, its tool for curating collections of tweets around specific subjects to everyone.  

Twitter on Thursday said that it’s starting to roll out the ability for any user to make their own Moments in the app’s web client. So, now you will be able to tell your own story!

The site had launched the Moments curation feature last year in October but only Twitter employees and a few publishers could curate stuff. Earlier this year, it slowly expanded Moments, with the addition of new partners and sponsored Moments. And finally now, these tools are open for all.

This is how you can create your own moment:

There's also a Tips and Tricks page to guide you further.

"We think it's a really great way for new users to Twitter, users who haven't built that perfect home timeline yet, for them to be able to understand and appreciate all the incredible things that are happening on Twitter," Twitter's global curation lead Andrew Fitzgerald told Mashable in an interview earlier this year.