After the success of the odd-even scheme in the national capital, students of St. Stephen's College are taking up a version of they own. The students of the institute have reportedly vowed to adopt the odd-even formula for the usage of cell phones.  

The decision was taken at an assembly meeting at the college where over 70 per cent students voted in favour of the idea.

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No students will be penalised if they bring their cell phone on a day when they are not supposed to since participation is voluntary. 

"I had given up using my cell phone last July. This is the best that I have done for myself in the recent years. It has reduced my distractions by 95 per cent, my vexation by 96.5 per cent and my headache by 99.66 per cent. The quality of my concentration has improved," said college Principal Valson Thampu. 

"Cell phones are as lethal a pollutant of our inner/ intellectual life as vehicles are of our roads or outdoor life," he added.