The British ruled us for almost two centuries. And as Shashi Tharoor once explained, they owe us a lot and did not do us any favours. They came, they ruled and left, leaving a broken nation behind, that had to be rebuilt. But come to think of it, they did leave behind some things that did us good.

You know, like a sport where we are actually better than them head to head.


Or the railway system.

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But one thing that is really a treat to the eyes is their architecture.

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A great example of it is CP in Lutyens' Delhi. It is beautiful and you can't deny it. Sitting in the heart of our capital, the Connaught Place has a charm that no other place in Delhi can offer.

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Although, the traffic and the excess of day-to-day human inhabitants can sometimes take its charm away. But can you imagine it with negligible traffic, a few hand-pulled rickshaws & huge lush gardens? Yes, that was the Connaught Place in all its glory right after it was built.


And here is a video that captured how the then business center of New Delhi looked like. 

Have a look, and ignore the English commentary because all that guy is doing is praising the Brits:

Source: The Indian news & views

Wish it was still like this, minus the Britishers of course.