The internet is famous for churning out surprises, almost every day. And the most recent surprise is sure to excite every SRK fan out there. 

While it is common knowledge that SRK started his acting career with TV shows like Fauji and Circus, before moving on to the big-screen, turns out he'd also starred in a short film, way back in 1991. 

Source: BollywoodLife

This short film has now made its way to the internet and it's an absolute delight to watch a young SRK work his charm in this one. 

Source: YouTube

The 17-minute long film is titled Mahaan Karz  and has SRK playing a treasurer's son seeking employment at the Maharaja's palace. He gets the job but post that, things begin to change.

Source: YouTube

Apart from the freshness that he brings on-screen, SRK proves his acting prowess by fully submerging himself into the character. Just like today, his screen presence was absolutely enthralling back then as well. 

Source: YouTube

Anyway, we won't take any more of your time. Watch the short film here: 

The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel called SRKInMyBlood.