Everything comes with a price tag. It's just that some things come with bigger price tags than others. Sometimes it's justifiable, sometimes it's not. Some items are expensive because they are rare, some because they are luxury items, and some we can't quite figure out why. Here's a list of items that will cost you a bomb, regardless of the reason.

1. A wealth amulet - $250,000 (Rs. 1,67,77,113)

This amulet apparently protects your money from any evil spirits. So if you have a lot of money that needs to be kept safe from harm, get this wealth amulet. All you need a quarter of a million dollars.

Source: BusinessInsider

2. A box of Mac and Cheese - $158 (Rs. 10,603)

Yeah, a price tag of $158 doesn't come across as ridiculously expensive, but when you find out that it's just a box of mac and cheese, you realise something is not right. Granted, that it is gluten-free, and may demand a few extra bucks, but 158 dollars is just a bit too high on absurdity scale. If you want to buy it however, you'll have to wait as this product is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Source: BusinessInsider

3. Marvel Action Figure - $9,999 (Rs. 6,71,017)

Yes, that's ten thousand US dollars for an action figure. Even if you are the most loyal Marvel comic book memorabilia collector of all time, you'd think thrice buying this Cloak And Dagger.

Source: BusinessInsider

4. A tool that lets you play PlayStation 1 games on PlayStation 2 - $1,840 (Rs. 1,23,480)

Now this is one item with a totally unjustified price tag (not that anything on this list is). All it does is allow you to play PS1 games on a PS2 console, but it's price tag of $1840 is more than the price of a PS1 and PS2, put together. Unluckily for you though, it's been sold out and is currently not up for grabs on Amazon.

Source: BusinessInsider

5. An Alvar Aalto doorstop - $3,500 (Rs. 2,34,880)

If you're really rich and don't want to use ordinary pieces of wood or cinder-blocks as doorstops, like us regular folk, you can have an Alvar Aalto cement doorstop for a (seemingly) bargain at $3500.

Source: Picassomio

6. Potted Bonsai Tree - $9,459.95 (Rs. 6,34,846)

Oh, the Japanese and their art. You can get this little "Classic Japanese Black Pine Bonsai" for a meagre $9459.95. Plus you have to shell out an extra $74.49 for shipping as well.

Source: Wikipedia(image for representation only)

7. Balls of Ice - $205 (Rs. 13,757)

If you are worried that your expensive drink is not evenly cooled by ice cubes, you can have hand-crafted spheres of ice made from Purified Canadian Water. It's water basically, that costs 205 freaking dollars for just two pouches.

Source: Wordpress

8. Frisbee - $305 (Rs. 20,468)

Okay, these frisbee are made of leather. I don't really understand how leather would be a good flying material. Also, when you pay 305 bucks for a frisbee, I don't think you'd be interested in tossing it away in your backyard.

Source: CoolMaterial

9. Kanye's plain white t-shirts - $120 (Rs. 8,053)

Well, we know Kanye is Kanye. But $120 for a plain white t-shirt is stretching it a bit too far. "Designed" by him, each of these is made out of 100% Egyptian cotton, and is at least $100 more expensive than any other plain white t-shirt. Nevertheless, these hip-hop t-shirts were a hit and were sold out instantly.

Source: Lux

Time to get back to the real life and silently sulk looking at our bank balance.