Glittering, posh Hermes and Birkin showrooms highlight crocodile skin bags in different attractive colours and fashionistas nonchalantly stroll in and splurge thousand of dollars on something a living being has paid for with its life and tote it at their next red carpet event or whatever silly frivolous thing they are up to next.

Source: DailyMail

And in an attempt to stop this trend, PETA came up with something which would shock such people out of their insensitivity. 

They set up a fake pop-up luxury store at a mall in Thailand which had crocodile and snake skin bags, jackets and shoes on display. But when customers unzipped the bags they were in for a nasty shock. Realistic flesh and blood lined the inside of the bag. Want to own a crocodile skin bag? Go ahead, bathe your hands in the gore that goes into creating these useless objects.

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Three crocodiles die to create one $40,000 dollar Birkin handbag. The soft underbelly skin of three-year-old crocodiles is needed to create these bags. The crocodiles are kept alive while they are skinned and what comes before it is beyond cruel. Scalpels are jammed into spines of live crocodiles to push the spine out and then a stick with a pointy head is repeatedly jammed into the wound to disorient it. Often during the process, the animals are still alive and writhing in agony.

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Watch the reactions of customers unzipping bags to reveal flesh here:

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All this for a stylish bag.