So Coldplay was here. The concert may be over now, but social media is certainly not over it. The event saw many Bollywood big wigs and personalities in attendance. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not physically present, he did send out his message to the audience, virtually.

Source: Ibtimes

The honourable Prime Minister threw a googly at the audience when he quoted the legendary Bob Dylan's song "The times, they are a changing" in his opening speech. Hearing the Prime Minister quote Dylan, a lot of the Twitterati reacted to it differently. Through out his speech, Modi made several references to the current cash-crunch crisis and demonetisation. 

But his one comment in particular, has Twitter up in arms. 

The Prime Minister was quoted as saying, 

So, to quote from one of Dylan’s transformative anthems which holds as much meaning today as it did when it was first sung in the 1960. ‘Come mothers and fathers, throughout the land, and don’t criticise, what you cannot understand. Your sons and your daughters, are beyond your command. Your old roads rapidly again’. Please get out of the new one, if you can’t lend your hand, for the times they are a-changin.

Many criticised the PM, for 'joking' about the crisis and making light of the situation, while people were dying standing in long queues outside ATMs. Here are some reactions.