If music is our lifeline, then '90s music is definitely the heartbeat. The '90s was also the time when ghazals blossomed and singers like Pankaj Udhas touched our hearts with evergreen melodies like Aur ahista kijiye baatein and Chitthi aai hai.   

One of the most loved ghazal singers, Pankaj Udhas gave us some of the best songs that still hold a special place in our hearts. Here are 10 of his most soulful renditions:

1. Chitthi aai hai

One of the most popular ghazals in Pankaj Udhas's soulful voice, it opens a floodgate of memories. It was also featured in Sanjay Dutt and Amrita Singh starrer Naam.

Source: Filmi Gaane

2. Chandi jaisa rang hai tera

Among the very few songs and ghazals that gracefully appreciate a woman's beauty, Chandi jaisa rang hai tera is definitely one of the most soothing compositions.

Source: PankajUdhasVEVO

3. Aur aahista kijiye baatein

Pankaj Udhas' velvet voice and the nervous butterflies of first love, all this instantly made people fall in love with this song that still continues to be our favourite number.

Source: brokenbro12

4. Thodi thodi piya karo

Listening to this ghazal feels like Pankaj Udhas is singing just for you. Play this one on a lonely night and soak in the soulful waves of its melody.

Source: IndiPopMusic

5. Main nashe mein hu

One of the most celebrated ghazals depicting the struggle of love and heartbreak, Pankaj Udhas makes the words come alive with pure magic and leaves us captivated.

Source: PankajUdhasVEVO

6. Ek taraf uska ghar

The more you listen to it, the more it tugs at your heartstrings as Pankaj Udhas' magical voice brings out the pain of a one-sided lover. 


7. Niklo na benaqaab

One of the most romantic ghazals, Panjak Udhas' voice leaves such a deep influence that you can still hear it long after it has stopped playing.

8. Dil dhadakne ka sabab yaad aaya

Pankaj Udhas' rendition of this ghazal is simply marvelous. The way his voice brings out the poignancy of this ghazal is something that's unmatchable.  

Source: TheUrdupoets

9.  Aap jinke kareeb hote hain

The softness of Pankaj Udhas' voice gives this ghazal a whole new magic and appeal. You can feel his music seeping through your veins.


10. Deewaron se milkar rona accha lagta hai

The way this man expresses the longing and the pain of separation makes this a timeless ghazal. 

Source: Vic Patel

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