Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav today insisted that the "party and family are united" but remained evasive on whether Shivpal Yadav will be reinstated in the Akhilesh Yadav Cabinet.

Amid a deep divide in the party and the family, Mulayam, flanked by party's state unit chief Shivpal Yadav and three other sacked ministers, addressed a press conference here where CM Akhilesh was conspicuous by his absence.

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To send out a message, he said that SP had come to power in 2012 because of him only and still Akhilesh was made the Chief Minister. He however, ruled out becoming the Chief Minister with Assembly elections barely few months away.

"My entire life is devoted for the welfare of the people and he will continue to work for them," he added.

Mulayam strongly defended party MP Amar Singh, who is being blamed by the Akhilesh faction for the problems in the family, asking "why to drag him in all this"?

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"My family and party are united. All workers are united.

There are some conspirators, who do not have any mass base," Mulayam told a hurriedly convened press conferences.

"There is not 'matbhed' (difference) or 'manbhed' (ill feelings) among our leaders," Yadav said.

Asked whether Shivpal and other sacked ministers would then be reinstated in the Akhilesh cabinet, he said, "I leave this to CM.... You ask him why he made them ministers and why he sacked them."

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Appearing cautious while replying to a questions, Mulayam said, "I will not make any single controversial statement.

"Whatever you may ask."

To a question whether he would take over the reins of the state from his son Akhilesh, the SP supremo said, "Why will I consider it now when Assembly elections are just few months away."

He said Model Code of Conduct will come into force in November or December and government will not be able to work freely.

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When asked about son Akhilesh Yadav's reservations against Amar Singh, Mulayam said, "Why do you drag him into all this?"

Sacked ministers Om Prakash Singh, Narad Rai and Sayeda Shadab Fatima were also present, besides tainted minister Gayatri Prajapati.

On brother Ramgopal Yadav's statement, Mulayam said, "I do not give him any importance now."

About party Chief ministerial candidate for 2017, Mulayam said, "Ours is a democratic party. First let us get majority and then elected representatives will select their CM."